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Owru Yari Dyugu Dyugu @ Oase


Multiple stages: Bigi Polu, Soca, House, EDM, R&B, Kaseko, Salsa, Merengue or Rock

Vanaf 8.00pm tot 5.00am

@ Oase

Adres: Commewijnestraat 23, Paramaribo, Suriname

Orga door: Lustig

It's OASE Dyugu Dyugu's 10th year anniversary!

We're celebrating on the 23rd of December under a new name: Oase Mofo Yari Dyugu Dyugu!

Our 10 year anniversary will be an extravaganza. Expect vintage carnival themed stages, stilt walkers, balloons, multiple areas, games, live performances and much more...

For this special edition we invite different artists from different genres. Stay tuned for the line up and participants of:
- Club Lustig
- Club Dyugu Dyugu
- Fun Area
- Lounge Area
- Foodcourt by Festifood

So expect the unexpected!

Mofo Yari Dyugu Dyugu @ Oase

What better way to celebrate your ‘Owru Yari’ then at the most elaborate festival Paramaribo has to offer in December? With multiple areas you can be sure that your taste in music will be represented. Be it Bigi Polu, Soca, House, EDM, R&B, Kaseko, Salsa, Merengue or Rock, at one of these stages you can get down into the early hours!

Live performances by well-known Surinam artists.
Club Dyugu Dyugu
Live performances by international and local artists and DJ’s.
Club Lustig
Live sets by international and local DJ’s with special acts.
Techno? Yes!
A new stage with live sets by the best techno DJ’s of Surinam

Come and enjoy your Owru Yari with Lustig Events and Oase at Mofo Yari Dyugu Dyugu!

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